Our Values

Lusaka Family Church

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Living out God’s Word: As a family of friends in Christ Jesus who love Jesus first, then love each other, we have a desire to live out God’s word by loving, serving and impacting our city, our country and the nations of the world to the glory of God.

Prayer is essential to all we do: All biblical expressions of prayer are important to us, as we seek the face of God in all we do.

Family is important in all we do: We strive for all ages, races and cultures to be integrated into the family of God, for such is the Kingdom of God.

Covering: As a non – denominational Christian church, we are in partnership with New Covenant Ministries International, an apostolic prophetic team.

Winning Souls: Evangelizing by reaching into our city, our nation and the nations of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be people who have an apostolic prophetic heart.

To have a lifestyle of heartfelt worship: We express our worship in a heartfelt and biblical fashion, endeavouring to keep Jesus Christ central always.

Caring and Discipleship: Growing individuals in Christ and releasing them into their God – given potential as the priesthood of all believers.

Generosity: We aim to resource all aspects of ministry with our finance, time, gifting and people. We also aim to bring all our people into financial freedom and responsible prosperity.

To build team at every level: Through our friendship we function with a desire to empower and involve everyone to serve God’s plans and purposes in our generation and to develop godly, transparent and accountable leaders.

Small Groups/ Home Groups: The organic (functional) life of LFC is expressed in small groups meeting in homes where loving, caring, equipping and discipling is the focus. We encourage everyone to participate in a home group as this is the heart of New Testament lifestyle.

Youth: The majority of Zambia’s population is under the age of 25 years. We are committed to reaching, serving and envisioning this vital group of our community. We seek to be relevant in our ministry as we develop and empower our young people. Our young people meet weekly at LFC.

Children: Children are a precious part of our inheritance in God and we focus on training them to follow Christ from an early age. In order to do this we are endeavouring to establish a vibrant children’s church which caters for all age groups.

Friendship before Function: Developing strong and accountable relationships is important to us, expressing our love in hospitality.